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The Household Model ™

A person centered approach, the Household Model breaks congregant care environments into households, each with its own front door, living room, dining spaces, den, family room, and individual apartments within each home for each resident.  ActionPact is the national leader in Household Model development and implementation. 


Beyond just an architectural process, our Master Planning services are big picture. Everything we do at ActionPact follows the same theme – integration.  High involvement and high participation provide the ingredients to help you create a future that you want for your community. 

>   Integrated Prefeasibility Process (IPA)
>   Development Team Coordination
>   Budget, Scheduling, Cost Tracking

Integrated Prefeasibility Analysis (IPA)™

The Integrated Prefeasability Analysis (IPA) brings in professionals from a variety of disciplines to form a team responsible for project planning.  This front-end process helps you evaluate the feasibility of a major project before committing substantial resources.  

Interior Design

Having worked on projects across the country and Internationally, ActionPact is skillful at producing boundary-pushing designs while maintaining conformity with building codes and state regulations.  We make home feel like home. 

>   Concept Design
>   Furnishings, Finishes and Materials
>   Art Purveyor + Evaluations


Specializing in assisted living, memory and long-term care homes that adopt a person-centered approach – we build genuine homes for our Elders to receive proper health services. 

>   Senior Living
>   Special Use
>   Residential and Multifamily
>   Construction Management


As part of our full, turn-key approach, we understand the job is not done until home feels like home.  ActionPact specializes in operational training services beyond construction management.

>   Operational Training
>   Operational Management Contracting

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